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Selling your home.  In many cases, this is one of the largest transactions of a lifetime, and it can cost you thousands of dollars.  We at Florida Luxury Flat Rate Real Estate are changing the way Luxury Home Sellers are selling their homes in Florida and helping to save them thousands of dollars while offering everything the other brokers do.

What is currently common in the real estate industry is that a seller enters into a listing agreement with a real estate broker who accepts a percentage of the sale price for the listing side of the transaction.

You’ve worked hard for your money! You’ve spent tireless hours taking care of the property, maintaining your home and even made some nice upgrades over the years, and now it’s time to cash out the equity.  Which is the best part of owning real estate, Right?  Now, you’re ready to sell, and some real estate broker out there wants 6% of the Selling Price!  Or, you can call us.

The buyer's agent is still typically offered a fair commission of 2-3%.  The buyer’s agent will bring us the buyer! We want all the buyer’s agents to show it and sell it for us so we need to pay them for their hard work.

What’s the CATCH?  No catch, no shenanigans, nothing like that.  All we ask is that you allow us to help you to find your next home, wherever it may be.  We have a network of Realtors across the state of Florida to help you find your next home.


You've Worked Hard For Your Money!

Your home investment is about to pay off.  You're ready to sell.  Why not keep as much money as you can?

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If your ready to sell your home and want to save money, give us a call.  We're here to sell you home for the most money possible and help you save money.  Are You Ready?